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Garage / Automotive Waste Management Services

Waste & Resource Management Ltd offers a collection service for all types of hazardous automotive waste. We endeavour to beat any deal already in place for the collection of any workshop hazardous waste (listed below). Services are tailored to meet the individual needs of your business and can be scheduled, on-demand or on a one-off basis. As part of the service we provide all the required waste containers and handle all the regulatory paperwork ensuring full traceability and compliance.

Oil Filter Collection

We collect all types of filters including metal, paper and spray booth filters as part of our workshop waste collection service.

Contaminated Rags & Soak Up Pads

Using our oily rag collection service, you can compliantly dispose of your absorbent materials such as rags, granules, contaminated PPE and latex gloves. Collection is on a demand basis and we collect whenever you need us.

Antifreeze & Coolant Collection

Used antifreeze and coolant from radiator and cooling systems should NOT be put down a sink or other drainage systems. Antifreeze needs to be kept separate from other waste streams and should NOT be disposed of within your waste oil tank. Responsible disposal is recommended. We provide all the required containers and will collect as they are filled. Antifreeze is also known as engine coolant and is widely used in the automotive industry, which covers its primary function of convective heat transfer for internal combustion engines.

Aerosols Collection & Recycling

Aerosols must be disposed of correctly and should not be included in general waste. Our recycling service enables you to meet your environmental obligations. After collection, the process fully captures the contents and propellant gases. Compaction allows complete recovery of the can.

Batteries - Wet Lead Acid & Dry Batteries

Lead acid batteries have a value. Subject to type and quantity, collections can be on a no-charge basis or involve payment to you. Special storage containers are provided as part of our service but do require a small deposit. We collect a wide range of lead acid batteries and this service can be part of contracted collections or on an “ad-hoc” basis for workshop waste services.

We Also Collect:

Anything not listed please give us a call.

Fluorescent Tubes

A hazardous waste that needs correct storage and disposal. We offer a cost effective and compliant collection and recycling service for fluorescent light tubes, energy saving bulbs, street lamps and flood lights. These are processed in a special plant that separates the components of mercury powder, metal and glass, thus allowing total recycling.

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